Ideas,  Perspective,  & You
Creative thought
can be sought
for a bright idea.
Just like the weather -
received from above.
Love that forecast.
Clouds are gathering.
Billowing, pillowing.
A brainstorm.
It’s a downpour,
with an uproar.
Enjoy the thunder
of thought.
What’s been wrought?
Another idea
worth its weight
in gray matter?
Mind the business.
Mind the store.
Minds are
warehouses galore.
Check the inventory
from ceiling to floor.
Count and measure
all the treasure.
Tell it. Sell it.
Don’t always yell it.
Soft rains make
big flowerrs.
I’m assuming.
Just the right ideas
are looming.
Where so ever,
prevails in the air.
Highs. Lows.
painted with showers.
Voila, flowers.
Nurtured by the wet,
then don’t fret.
It’s always there.
May as well see it
as sunny, as merry.
Very wise to love it all.
Blowing, snowing,
or participation
Bright and sunny!
Not too funny,
if you get a burn.
Too much of anything,
to little of nothing
clouds the attitude.
Give yourself latitude.
Enjoy the Fall chills,
icy window sills,
springing daffodils.
In all of those seasons -
of nature, of life,
there’s weather delight.
And you’re bright
to see it also as
The meeting of minds
when something
clicks. Wicks.
A celebration
of illumination.
Ready to ignite.
See the light.
It’s outa sight!
- but still in view.
Seek a peek
of conceivability.
A peak of
Add humility and guts.
Hold the ruts.
Pass the nuts.
Unloose the caboose.
Keep your train
of thought thinking...
You can. I can.
We can.
Overflowing trashcan
shows you’re
Just keep
what’s brilliant,
whatever merits
May I mention -
your imagination
will be worth its
weight in golden
waves of brain.
Drummond Meriwether
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