West Virginia Senior High
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The Student-Content Connection

The goal of WVSH Magazine has endured for 35 years:

To provide West Virginia high school students with
peer-written stories of encouragement and insight
that will help them face their own challenges
successfully. It has been the
“hook” that has
defined WVSH’s editorial success over the years.

WVSH authors are college upperclassmen who are
excited to have a positive, statewide impact on
West Virginia high school students. The peer credibility
they have is significant - and meaningful.

These engaging first-person stories, are supplemented
with reference materials - financial aid information and
The WVSH College Career Guide which lists Fields of
Study offered at West Virginia Colleges, Universities,  
and Community & Technical Colleges.

The Counselor-Student Connection

WVSH Magazine facilitates counselor-student
relationships and helps counselors further
the importance of
thorough and timely decision making  
for their students.

Guidance counselors at each of the 125 high schools
are free to determine the distribution method for their
school whether it is in homerooms, English classes,
assemblies or advisory meetings.

Each school’s allocation is based on 50%
of their total student population - seniors, juniors,
sophomores and freshmen.

The recommended circulation “mix”  is for
undecided seniors, all juniors with the balance
going to interested sophomores and freshmen.

WVSH Magazine is a welcome resource.

As one high school principal once remarked,
"We can give them math, and give them science,
but they need to leave here with hope." G.R.F.
The College-High School Connection

Helping students succeed with the critical
high school-to-higher education bridge is
an essential goal for both high schools and colleges.

That has been the primary concept since
the first edition of WVSH Magazine in 1981.

As the most widely read high school publication in the state,
WVSH Magazine has brought “a college consciousness”
into the the halls of our state’s high schools for over
three decades.

Your participation, your message, to this important group
of aspiring students is part of the collaboration between
secondary and post-secondary institutions. It advances
college awareness and enhances your brand
in the minds of a market you seek.

WVSH is a unique partnership opportunity to promote
college opportunities to this well-defined market.

The most widely read
high school publication
in West Virginia.
The Online Connection

Digital Editions of WVSH Magazine are identical to
the 40,000 print editions. In addition to the general
exposure of being online it gives easy access to this
resource for middle school counselors and teachers
for use in their career counseling classes.

Your opportunity to connect.

What’s your message?  Reserve your space today.

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